Circus Ginnett

Circus School

Ginnetts run a very comprehensive and competitive circus school for all ages, courses are typically run on a three or a six month basis.

At Ginnetts circus school you can learn a wide range of circus skills from juggling to acrobatics, contortion to trapeze, hula hoop to animal presenting you can even lean how to move the circus tent so you get a real feel for circus life.

Ginnetts circus school is run on a real life travelling circus with over two hundred and fifty years of tradition behind it, making Ginnetts circus one of the oldest in Europe, so why go some were else when you can learn from the best.



One of Ginnetts circus schools proudest achievements is having represented Great Britain twice in the Monte-Carlo international circus competition for prince Rianier, one of the most prestigious events on the circus calendar. In 1990 we sent a comedy act and a contortion act and in 1991 we sent a motorcycle and trapeze act, all of which

received medals and certificates. As well as learning new skills the students also get to see firsthand how we care for the animals we use in many of our shows.

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